Convenience Island

Convenience Island

Because we are a local Chinese Institution we understand the Chinese enterprises and trade policy very well.

We work on behalf of our customers and can avoid all of the usual problems with trying to engage with business in China.

We source products directly from local factories which offer much more competitive prices.

We offer a One Stop Export Solution Service which can include sourcing, warehousing, inspection, products preparation and shipping. Think of us as your office in China.

Our team agents work very closely with our customers and communicate regularly by email, phone or video conferences.

We have innovative and groundbreaking solution to simplify the process of Buying from China.

Our experience combined with our familiarity with export policies and regulations, has resulted in the creation of the perfect service that delivers the perfect product to your destination ready to sell in your destination.

If you have not tried to do business in China before or have experienced problems with business dealings in China. You can consult on “ Convenience Island“.

This is your ONE STOP SOURCING SOLUTION from China, which includes products sourcing, product preparation, quality inspection, and multiple channel shipping services. Our services are designed to achieve our mission: to find the perfect product for our customers, we take responsibility for delivering what our customers need, by providing them reliable manufacturers that produce and deliver top quality products at the most competitive prices.

Email to us at and speak with one our experts.

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