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We will matching you with the precise supplier for free based on big data, and our trade experts will make a personalised solution for your every product need.

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Welcome customers with niche demand, 1 piece is as important as 100000 pieces !

Usually, it is quite difficult for customers with niche demand to find suitable suppliers, Now, our platform gathers similar needs as yours all over the world, and we will assist you to negotiate with the matching suppliers, substantially lower production costs for you in order to provide you with greater profit space and competitiveness.

Problems of theB2B platform is not too little information, but too much information. Tell us your needs by filling an simple online form, and one of our expert will contact you within 24 hours.

“World Original Commodity Expo” has hold for 11 years, and it has already made steps into import and export commodities with its 11 years’ offline exhibitions. Its exhibition area covers more than 100,000 square meters , assists more than32100 companies exploring new markets, accumulated 320,000 real information of global buyers, and maintained a long-term cooperative partnership with 217 associations and agencies of 52 countries and regions.

Based on the accumulation of offline exhibition resources, the WOCE online platform will use “Internet big data + Cloud computing” to put accurate “supply& demand” labels on purchasers and suppliers, and realize the precise “trade matching” services and various other functions. We aims to maximize resource optimization and matching, precisely positioning, build a platform for communicating with potential customers and easily connect with the world.

Through “WOCE” online form, even small and micro-sized companies can guide the “research and development” of products

“Decentralization” and “Customer Orientation”

In the global environment of international trade, “decentralization” does not mean there is no center. Instead, it refers to the transformation from the large center mode of “enterprise & product” centered into small center mode of “customer & user centered, and then, these small centers will be connected to a large network through internet methods.

Least-cost control of the supply chain

We will assist you to minimize the total cost of the supply chain (including acquisition costs, chain cost and trade cost), when the business is no longer as easy as before, when we can no longer seek benefits from the market, “cost saving” = “profit making”.

At present, we cover industries of Bicycles/Electric Bicycles/Electric Motorcycles/Cargo Bicycles, Agricultural Machinery,Agriculture Tools, Textile Machinery, Artificial Flowers, Carpets,Musical Instruments,Medical Equipment, Hardware,Vehicles and Spare Parts, Electrical & Mechanical ,Plastics.

More fields are coming soon.